Pictures from Canada 2

Quebec — Civilisation Museum

Quebec — lower town mural

Quebec — lower town square

Quebec — upper town street

Formal garden plains of Abraham

Formal garden plains of Abraham

General WOLFE's fatal injury marker

General WOLFE monument 1

General WOLFE monument 2

General WOLFE monument 3

General WOLFE monument 4

General WOLFE monument 5

General WOLFE monument 6

Quebec museum Plains of Abraham

Paragliding Plains of Abraham

Resturant bill Quebec

UMP research meeting 1

UMP research meeting 2

Me and General De Gualle

Richard and General De Gualle

House in Plains of Abraham

Dinner revolving resturant 1

Dinner revolving resturant 2

Dinner revolving resturant 3

View over St Laurence

Board walk down by fort

The founder of Quebec city

Steps to lower town

Steps to lower town


Nick Reddan 2002


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